BRCA treats your privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Your credit card payment is processed through the secure Stripe portal, so no financial details go onto the BRCA web site.

The personal details you provided to BRCA in your Cabling Registration application are securely stored on the BRCA database. Only your name, registration type and registration number are accessible on the BRCA web site, as it is an ACMA requirement that this limited information of all Registered Cablers be publicly accessible on Cabling Registrars’ web sites. However, no other personal details are disclosed to third parties.

You can access your personal details on the BRCA web site by logging on with your unique Cabling Registration number and password to update any of your details (address, phone number, email, employer, etc) on the BRCA database. You cannot access any other Registered Cabler’s details, nor can any other Registered Cabler access your details.

If you have any privacy concerns, or would like to discuss details about our security policy, please contact us via email at or phone on 1800 306 444.