December 2016 BRCA Blog

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CEO’s Bulletin This is the last edition of BRCA Bytes for 2016 and, as you read through it, you’ll see there are a lot of things going in our industry that will have an impact on what we do in 2017 and beyond. Firstly, we’re pleased to inform you of the ACMA’s continued attention given to the telecommunications cabling industry, most recently with its …

October 2016 BRCA Blog

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CEO’s Bulletin A lot has happened in the telecommunications cabling world since our last edition of BRCA Bytes, and I’m sure you’ll find several informative articles on what’s going on in our cabling industry. Firstly, you need to be aware the ACMA inspectors are actively auditing cablers on commercial and domestic sites, checking if cablers are compliant with the law by being registered. …

FAQ’s on Cabling Provider Rules from ACMA

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Following the introduction of Cabling Competencies, which took effect 1 July 2014, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) recently compiled a list of FAQs in consultation with all the cabling registrars, including BRCA.

Understanding the new ACMA competency requirements for Registered Cablers

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In July 2012, the Australian and Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) implemented changes to the competency requirements for Registered Cabling Providers (Cablers) to address concerns within the cabling industry that Cablers may not have the appropriate skills required to perform specialised cabling work (ie beyond the scope of a base Registration) for the current and emerging cabling environment.

As a cabler, is a JSA enough?

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By: Ian Millner, BICSI member and former director of Milcom. A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is designed to identify any hazards related to the safety of yourself, those working with you and others who may have access to the worksite.

Important tax considerations for cablers

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BRCA’s accountant – Michael Huntington, Principal at Duncan Dovico Accountants and Advisers – has written an article to provide BICSI Registered Cablers with some clarity on two key taxation matters that may impact registered cablers this year – subcontracting and motor vehicles.

Business Outlook for Australia in 2013 and 2014

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The rapid pumping of cheap money by central banks has helped share-markets more than it has economies. Yet the latter are looking better too – partly as the ‘crazies’ have been kept away from the steering-wheel in the US, partly as the ‘crazies’ have grabbed the steering-wheel in Japan, and partly as China’s leadership is spending on infrastructure (which we …