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Section A - Contact Information

ACMA requires BRCA to provide limited public access to the Cabler Database that MUST include your name and registration number.

Section B - Type of registration


Section C - Already Registered with another provider?

Applicants who hold a current Cabling Provider Rules (CPR) registration with another registrar.
Submit a copy (both sides) of your current Registration card.

Section D - Statement of Attainment

Attach copies of Statement of Attainment from training provider to this application to prove competence for the registration type you are applying for. (Audits to validate evidence will be carried out from time to time.) For further details regarding competency requirements and CPR pathways, please visit

Section E - Specialised Cabling Competencies

To include ANY competencies, you MUST include copies of Statement of Attainment with this application.

Section F - OHS/ WHS qualification

OHS requirement for both Open and Restricted registration

Section G - ACMA Regulatory Test

The Pathways to ACMA Cabling Provider Rules - Cabler Registration document provides details on the regulatory questions and is available at

Section H - Evidence of Experience to be part of Application

Applicants require actual cabling experience to progress to Restricted and Open CPR Registration. Lift CPR only applies to an ‘electrically’ qualified tradesperson, so these Applicants automatically meet the ACMA test.


ACMA-mandated minimum cabling experience is 360 hours for Open Registration and 80 hours for Restricted Registration.

Section J - About BICSI

I would like more information regarding the benefits of full membership to BICSI South Pacific. BICSI is a global, not for profit, industry association that provides information,accreditation and networking opportunities to professionals within the ICT Infrastructure industry.
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Payment Information We Accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

BRCA Terms and Conditions


All pricing listed in this website is in Australia Dollars (AU$) and is exclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax).

 Payment methods

Payment for Cabling Registration must be made to BRCA for the registration to take effect. Three (3) payment methods are available:

  • Online – Credit/Debit Card (MasterCard, Visa Card and American Express) through Stripe secured payment gateway;
  • Online – Direct deposit through your bank; or
  • Phone – EFTPOS (call BICSI office on 03 9583 3445).

BRCA does not charge any fees or surcharges for credit card payments.

 Cancellations and Refunds

Registration fees are paid in advance for one (1) year or three (3) years. Upon renewal, Registration Cards are produced and mailed to the Registered Cabler. Should the Registered Cabler decide to cancel the Cabling Registration after the card has been printed and sent, no refund will be provided.

Should a new Cabling Registration application not be accepted because it does not meet the education or experience criteria set out by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), and the applicant has paid online, the applicant will be contacted by BRCA via email or phone to offer assistance in processing the application. If the application cannot be processed, the transaction will be refunded within five (5) working days and the unsuccessful applicant notified of the refund.


Cabling Registration Cards are mailed to all new and renewed Registered Cablers, with the costs borne by BRCA. The card will be posted within five (5) working days of receipt of payment (renewal of existing registrations) or approval (new applications).